Saturday, May 14, 2011

Time moves so quickly!!

I don't blog very often, since I post on FB about 5 times a day!! I was looking up Birthland Tours and came across a girl's blog about going to Korea and meeting her birth family and remembered that I should update my blog!

Since the last time I posted, the girls have turned 6 and are almost finished with kindergarten, Tam turned 3 and is as crazy as ever, and Lex is 8 mos old and is crawling, waving bye (which looks more like "touchdown") and is now cruising---leaving me in a constant state of "is she going to fall?"

I've started making my own baby food and putting lots of purees in our family meals. I finally got a new 7 cup capacity Cuisinart (which actually only has a 3 cup liquid capacity, but oh well). It is SO much quieter than our old one---which I would take outside on the porch to use if Lex was sleeping.

School is almost over, which means, all 4 kids, home all day, everyday, and awake for about 13 hours. WHEW!!! However, the pool will open in 2 weeks, so we'll have something to do everyday! And we got 2 pools for the yard...for those times (every day) when it thunders for 2 seconds and the pool is closed for 30 minutes and then it thunders 29 minutes into the wait and we're out for another 30 minutes.

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