Saturday, May 14, 2011

The girls

Ok, so I know I should do an individual post for each girl, but the girls are just going to have to be together because I'm hungry! I can't believe the girls are almost done with kindergarten. They are reading on a 2nd grade level and it's so awesome to listen to them read "chapter books". Mads still LOVES taking care of Lex. She is late almost every morning bc the first thing she does is get Lex out of her crib, plays with her and feeds her. Juju is continuing to be crazy and make me laugh. Her newest thing is making crazy faces while I talk to her and it makes me laugh every time...which makes her try even harder! Can't wait to hang out with them more during the summer, but also need to get on the ball and sign them up for some camps/VBS.

The Baby

I can't believe Lex is already 8 months old! This was my first "fave" age with the girls. But, I remember thinking, "I love this age bc I can put them down and they don't go anywhere"...not so much the case with this one. She's all around, into everything, trying to go upstairs.... Sami was the calmest and easiest baby and now she's crazy. I'm wondering if Lexi is going to be even crazier! The funniest thing about Lex---when she eats (and she eats a TON), between every bite, she SCREAMS "AHH" and shakes her fists---it is hilarious!! It probably won't always be hilarious, but for so funny!! this is the link. we'll see if it works.

She is so sweet and gorgeous and smiles all the time. LOVE her and I'm sad that she is my last baby...probably! HAHA


When I was adding pics to my last post, I decided I needed to write about each kid bc I have about a billion pics I want to post and it was too much for one post. So, I start with my craziest green girl Samantha, Sami, Tami. She is SOMETHING!! Having older sisters, she talks like they do...only it's so funny coming out of a (newly) 3 year old's mouth. Like, Mommy, I'll be your best friend if..., this is SO boring, you've got to be kidding me, and her list of cliches goes on and on. She has more personality than anyone I've ever met, and when she's happy, she's beaming, and when she's upset, it's like the world is ending :( She's loud and crazy and SO goofy!! She loves to recount movie lines (her newest fave is Despicable Me).

Time moves so quickly!!

I don't blog very often, since I post on FB about 5 times a day!! I was looking up Birthland Tours and came across a girl's blog about going to Korea and meeting her birth family and remembered that I should update my blog!

Since the last time I posted, the girls have turned 6 and are almost finished with kindergarten, Tam turned 3 and is as crazy as ever, and Lex is 8 mos old and is crawling, waving bye (which looks more like "touchdown") and is now cruising---leaving me in a constant state of "is she going to fall?"

I've started making my own baby food and putting lots of purees in our family meals. I finally got a new 7 cup capacity Cuisinart (which actually only has a 3 cup liquid capacity, but oh well). It is SO much quieter than our old one---which I would take outside on the porch to use if Lex was sleeping.

School is almost over, which means, all 4 kids, home all day, everyday, and awake for about 13 hours. WHEW!!! However, the pool will open in 2 weeks, so we'll have something to do everyday! And we got 2 pools for the yard...for those times (every day) when it thunders for 2 seconds and the pool is closed for 30 minutes and then it thunders 29 minutes into the wait and we're out for another 30 minutes.