Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Baby

I can't believe Lex is already 8 months old! This was my first "fave" age with the girls. But, I remember thinking, "I love this age bc I can put them down and they don't go anywhere"...not so much the case with this one. She's all around, into everything, trying to go upstairs.... Sami was the calmest and easiest baby and now she's crazy. I'm wondering if Lexi is going to be even crazier! The funniest thing about Lex---when she eats (and she eats a TON), between every bite, she SCREAMS "AHH" and shakes her fists---it is hilarious!! It probably won't always be hilarious, but for so funny!! this is the link. we'll see if it works.

She is so sweet and gorgeous and smiles all the time. LOVE her and I'm sad that she is my last baby...probably! HAHA

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