Friday, June 18, 2010

More about me

Great, my post worked!! As Tami would say "YIPPEE"! (Tami is Samantha...she can't say "s's", so she calls herself Tami, and we all do too).

My likes: sleeping, Facebook (which interferes with sleeping), photos, eating, the hilarious things my kids say, getting good deals, word games, and sarcasm.

My dislikes: cleaning, whining children, when people say "heightH", amusement park rides, scary movies, heartburn, and pelvic separation.

I think it's funny that my profile pic is one of me being pregnant, because I feel like I've been pregnant or pumping for much of the past 6 years, yep, over half of that time. We certainly have been so blessed and are glad for God's plan in our lives!

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